Working with the Google Calendar app

Always have your diary at hand with the Google Calendar app.

What is Google Calendar?

Anyone with a Google account can use the calendar on the computer and on a mobile device. The app is usually not standard on the mobile device. Then you must first download it for the iPhone / iPad or Android device. Then tap the Calendar app to open the app.

Adjust calendar view

By default, the app opens with, for example, an annual plan or a daily plan. But perhaps another view, such as a monthly view, is better.

  • Tap the menu. That is the icon with the three dashes.
  • Tap Day , 3 days , Week or Month .

The display changes immediately.

Schedule a new appointment

Google Calendar is easy to use. Put an appointment in the agenda like this:

  • Tap the “+” sign icon.
  • Tap Appointment.
  • At ‘Enter a title’, type your appointment.
  • Tap the date.
  • A calendar opens. If necessary, swipe left or right to select another month.
  • Tap the desired day within the month.
  • Tap OK.
  • Tap the start time to set it.
  • A clock appears. Tap the hour and then the minutes.
  • Tap OK.
  • Set the end time in the same way.
  • Tap Save if you do not want to enter anything else. Do you want to enter other details such as the location? Then skip this step and only tap Save when you are done.

Repeat an appointment

Does the appointment occur more often, for example every week? State it and the app will always return the appointment.

  • Under the date, tap More options.
  • Tap Not repeated.
  • Choose how often the appointment must come back.

Add location

Note where the appointment takes place. Then you don’t have to look it up again later.

  • Tap Add location.
  • Type the location.
  • Once you type, suggestions will appear from Google Maps. Tap the desired address.

Add a notification

Sometimes it is useful to get a reminder for an appointment. By default, this notification is set to thirty minutes, but you can also receive the reminder earlier or later.

  • Tap the crosses behind a bell icon to delete set notifications.
  • Tap (Add another) notification.
  • Choose from the various options that appear.

Mark the appointment

For the recognition you can give appointments their own color. Give all family appointments a green color for example.

  • Tap Default color.
  • Select the desired color.

Take note

Optionally, add a note as a memory aid. For example, state what the agreement is about or with which people you have all agreed.

  • Tap Add Note.
  • Type a text.

Edit appointment

Forget something to fill in, such as the location? You can always edit the appointment.

  • If necessary, first tap the correct day.
  • Tap the appointment.
  • Tap the pencil icon.
  • Adjust the appointment.
  • Tap Save.

Delete appointment

The appointment is unexpectedly canceled? Then remove it from the agenda.

  • If necessary, first tap the correct day.
  • Tap the appointment.
  • Tap the three dots at the top right.

Tap Delete > Delete.

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