WhatsApp: 10 useful tips and tricks

Tips and articles about WhatsApp are eagerly visited. Not surprising, because this app is a nice alternative to paid SMS. WhatsApp ensures easy and accessible contact with your contacts. Here a selection of the most popular features in WhatsApp!

# 1: Search messages

You remember that you exchanged messages with someone about something, but what exactly did something look like? With the search function in WhatsApp you can have the conversation back on the surface.

# 2: Make a message unread

Ok, you have opened and read a message, but no time or inspiration to respond. Mark the message as ‘unread’ to remember that you still want to reply.

# 3: Forward a message

Forward a message from yourself or from someone else to someone else. That saves typing again. But it is also possible with nice photos. If you forward a message or photo from someone else, first ask yourself whether the other person appreciates forwarding.

# 4: Send a recording

You may also have read the article “Far away, but still close” in our computer magazine Enter in which someone read her granddaughter through WhatsApp. She used the option to send a sound recording. Personal and practical, especially when you have a lot to say.

# 5: Making moving pictures

Get creative and rejoice someone with a moving image (GIF). Turn an existing video or something you record on the spot into a picture in which a six-second image is played repeatedly. You do not need a complicated app, you can do it in WhatsApp.

# 6: Send a photo quickly

Quickly share a photo without leaving the WhatsApp app. It is a piece of cake.

# 7: Turn off notifications for group conversations

Sometimes the messages just keep coming in. Certainly when you participate in a WhatsApp group, this can lead to irritation. Enough of the message flow? Turn off the notifications from the group and view later what has been exchanged.

# 8: Use a mailing list

Quickly send the same message to several people at the same time via a mailing list. A practical way to tell, for example, that you have a new phone number. Less personal, but it is also useful for congratulations on a public holiday.

# 9: Calling with WhatsApp

Make a phone call via WhatsApp if the smartphone is connected to the internet via WiFi. Then you do not pay for the call via your calling bundle.

# 10: Using WhatsApp on the computer

We end this article with the tip to use WhatsApp on the computer. Handy when you enjoy working at the computer, but also occasionally sit on WhatsApp. Then you don’t always have to read and type messages on a small screen.

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