Help with a first credit card?

 Help with a first credit card?

Question by Richie T: Help with a first credit card?
I’m going to start traveling for my job, and I need a credit card so that I can pay for my airline/hotel/rental car/meals. I plan on using it strictly for my job, and paying if off ASAP. I don’t really understand the difference between the cash back cards vs the rewards points. Can someone please explain the pros/cons to each type of reward program, and possibly suggest a credit card for me? I’ll be traveling inside the United States for the majority of my travel, with a few Canada trips possible. Thanks very much!

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Answer by Huntsman
Some people get all exited about airline miles and hotel cards.
Always be smart – note that they don’t offer more than 1% cash back.
So you might as well get a 1% cash back card
Only get the miles if you can’t save for a vacation on your own.

Don’t pay off immediately – wait for the statement to come in the mail, then.. pay in full


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