Use the calendar on the iPhone

Use the Calendar app on the iPhone and put your appointments together in a well-organized way. So you always have them at hand.

Calendar App for the iPad

In this article we discuss the Calendar app for the iPhone. The app has the same functions on the iPad, but looks slightly different on the larger screen.

Different calendars

People can manage multiple calendars in the Calendar app. Consider a calendar that is linked to an iCloud, Gmail or account or a calendar that is only on the device itself.

Calendar linked to an existing account

With an iPhone you also have an Apple ID. This allows you to use various Apple services. Consider bringing in apps from the App Store. You can also use the iCloud calendar with this account. You can also view this calendar on other devices that you log in with your Apple ID.

You can also have an e-mail address with a corresponding calendar function. For example, Google calendar with a Gmail address. If you have the Gmail address linked to the iPhone, you can enable the calendar so that it is also visible on the iPhone. If you do not yet have an e-mail address but you want to do so, read the article ‘ Setting up e-mail on your tablet and smartphone ‘.

Make sure that the calendar of an existing account can be used in the app:

  • Tap Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap Passwords and accounts.
  • Under ‘Accounts’ you will find the accounts that are linked to the device. For example Gmail or iCloud. Tap the account whose calendar you want to manage.
  • If the ‘Calendars’ option is on the screen, the account has a calendar function.
  • If the slider behind it is green, the calendar is switched on. If not, tap the slider.

Calendar on the device itself

Do you not have any accounts linked to the iPhone or have you disabled the calendar function (the slider behind ‘Calendars’ in the steps described above is then gray)? Then use the calendar on the device itself. This is enabled by default.

Year, month or day view

We dive into the calendar.

  • Tap the Calendar app.
  • You see a year view, a month view or a day view. Switch between these views by tapping Today at the bottom left and tapping the month or year at the top left.
  • The current day is circled in red.
  • View from which accounts the calendar has been added. Tap Calendars at the bottom.
  • Tap Done to close this window.

Add a new appointment

Add a new activity as follows:

  • Tap the day the event occurs.
  • Tap the plus sign at the top right.
  • Determine from top to bottom all the features of the new activity. Type the name of the activity.
  • Tap the ‘Location’ field and type the location of the appointment. This can simply be ‘At home with Marie’, but also a specific address.
  • If necessary, select the correct location from the suggestions or tap Done on the keyboard.
  • Indicate whether it concerns the entire day (tap the slider behind ‘All day’) or tap Start to select the start time.
  • Move the time by swiping a bit over the hours and minutes.
  • If necessary, change the day at the same place.
  • Tap End to set the end time.
  • Does the activity return weekly or monthly? Tap Repeat and tap the desired frequency.
  • Should travel time be taken into account? Tap Travel time and then the slider behind ‘Travel time’ to indicate the travel time.
  • Have you just set the travel time, tap the top left of Previous to go back a step.
  • Tap Notification to receive a reminder about the appointment.
  • Tap the desired moment to receive the reminder. For example, choose 1 hour before travel time .
  • It is possible to set another notification at a different time. Simply touch and two email notification .
  • Add a web address or note if necessary. To do this, tap URL or Notes .
  • The basis of the event is now entered. Tap Add .

The activity is in your calendar.

Tip: you can put birthdays in the calendar very well by using the ‘All day’ option in combination with an annual repeat.

What calendar does the appointment contain?

When multiple accounts and calendars are linked to the device, you have additional options when creating an appointment. For example, indicate to which account the activity belongs.

  • When creating the appointment, tap Calendar.
  • At iCloud you can select ‘Work’, ‘Private’ or ‘Family’. The appointment will then be given a different color in the calendar. But if you use a calendar that belongs to Gmail, for example, you can also tap that calendar. Make your choice.

Invite someone for an appointment

Contacts are often also added to an account. Invite these contacts for an appointment:

  • When creating the appointment, tap Attendees .
  • Type the name of the contact.
  • Suggestions appear as you type. Tap the correct contact.
  • Tap Done .
  • Touch Previous to return to the appointment.

Change or delete an appointment

Change or delete an existing activity.

  • Go in the calendar to the day on which the activity is listed.
  • Tap the appointment.
  • Tap Delete appointment (and again to confirm) or Change .
  • Adjust the desired options for the activity.
  • Tap Done.