Surf the internet with the Chrome app

You can use the internet on your smartphone or tablet with the Chrome browser, among other things. You know the internet program that you can also use on your computer.

Chrome on mobile devices

Chrome is Google’s internet browser. The company has a version of this browser for a computer. This has been the most used browser in the world for a number of years. But you can also use Chrome on a smartphone or tablet. The Chrome app is standard on devices with the Android operating system. It can also be installed on the iPhone and iPad.

Chrome РAndroid devices 
Chrome РiPad / iPhone

Open Chrome

Open the internet program to be able to use the internet. The first time you have to go through a number of steps before you can use the browser.

  • Tap Chrome. On an Android device.
  • Uncheck for Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google .
  • Tap Accept and continue to agree to the terms of service.
  • You can log in to Chrome so that you can use your bookmarks, passwords, and history. Do you want this? Then tap a desired email address and Continue. Otherwise, tap No, thanks.
  • Chrome wants access to your location. We now choose not to allow.

Visit website

The main purpose of an internet browser is to visit websites. Open a site as follows:

  • Tap the address bar at the top.
  • The keyboard becomes active. First remove any existing text by tapping the cross on the right in the address bar.
  • It will say ‘Search or type a URL / web address’. Type the address of the website you want to visit, for example “” (without the quotes).
  • Tap the keyboard to go.
  • The website opens.

Search the internet

The address bar in Chrome also works as a search bar.

  • Tap the address bar.
  • Type a search term.
  • Search suggestions appear as you type. Is the correct term in between? Then tap that. Is that not the case? Then type on the search term and tap the keyboard to go.
  • Show the Google search results. Tap a search result to go to the corresponding website.

Open new tab

You can leave a webpage you are viewing open while you are visiting another website. To do this, open a new tab.

  • At the bottom (iOS) or next to the address bar (Android), tap the icon of three gray dots.
  • Tap New Tab.
  • A new tab opens. At the bottom (iOS) or next to the address bar (Android), the number in the square changes. This figure indicates how many tabs are open. Searching for a website on a new tab is the same as with the first tab.
  • Tap the icon of the square with number to switch between the different open tabs.

Close tab

Done with a website? Then close the tab again.

  • Tap the square icon with number.
  • In the thumbnail of a tab, tap the cross to close the tab.

Close all tabs at the same time? For iOS, tap Close All at the bottom left. For an Android device, tap the icon with the three dots and then Close All Tabs.